Se Busca Joven Madrecuishe


Code : SPI-016

Se Busca Madrecuishe is a mezcal crafted from 100% fully grown wild-harvested madrecuishe agave. These agave are roasted in an earthen pit, crushed with a tahona stone, and transformed into a 90 proof mezcal through copper pot distillation.

Product detail

Nose: White pepper, wet hay, vintage books, Cerignola olives, overripe tropical fruits.
Flavour: Acacia honey, black plantains, candied ginger, grilled pineapple, charred serrano peppers. Malabar peppercorns, Thai Basil, faint smoke.
Finish: Medium-long jalapeno, braised, celery, Aleppo chilies, lingering smoke.