Code : SPI-017

The Wiseman’s bourbon To shape the future, first you must learn from the past. Distil the wisdom of previous generations, and then, break free. Take a leap. Find a spark of something new. In short, you must innovate. Kentucky Owl is an exceptional bourbon with the thirst to learn, the hunger to build, and the mindset to dream. This is a drink for those with a pioneering spirit which knows no bounds. For those who want to take on a world filled with imperfections, and make it something greater, we made the Kentucky Owl WiseMan. Wisdom. Progress and innovative spirit, distilled in every bottle.

Product detail

Traditional rye made with a mash bill of 95% rye.

Aroma:  Rich  and  spicy  with  hints  of  fresh  rye bread, slight hints of sweet caramel and cinnamon. Taste: Rich rye, spicy character.
Finish: Long finish starts with fresh rye bread, slowly moving toward buttered cinnamon toast and ending with a hint of English walnut.