Apple Pie Syrup 700 ML.


Code : MS-0110

Bring back the carefree days of youth with the flavours of lightly caramelised apples and freshly baked pastry, without stepping into a kitchen. MONIN Apple Pie syrup distils these nostalgic flavours into a deep gold liquid to add to lattes, iced teas, and even desserts.

Product detail

Fresh From The Oven

MONIN Apple Pie syrup adds the great apple dessert flavour to lattes, teas and iced teas, dessert drinks, Martinis and culinary creations.


Deep gold

Tasting notes

Nose: Cooked apple with crumbly pastry
Attack: Fruity caramelised apple taste
Length in Mouth: Cinnamon touch

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

Going from coffee to chocolate to tea for baristi; and from martinis to dessert drinks to coolers for bartenders; it can also be used in pastries as a flavour enhancer. I would recommend an unctuous Apfel Strudel smoothie combining MONIN Apple Pie, Caramel sauce, fresh apple and yoghurt.