Granny Smith Apple Fruit Puree 1 L.


Code : MS-095

The crisp and sweet taste of just-picked granny smith apples is hard to resist. Le Fruit de MONIN Granny Smith Apple brings juicy apple orchard tanginess to cocktails, mocktails, shakes and smoothies.

Product detail

Green Apple Goodness

Le Fruit de MONIN Granny Smith Apple is a juicy blend of perfectly ripened green apple that promises fresh year round flavour in your cocktails, lemonades, iced teas and culinary creations.


Shiny, translucent light green.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh green apples
Attack: Intense taste of Granny Smith apples with a hint of tarty notes
Length in Mouth: Long-lasting freshness feeling

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

My favourite use of Le Fruit de MONIN Granny Smith Apple is a cold tea based with MONIN Lemon Tea syrup, garnished with lemon slices and apple slices.