Nonino Grappa Friulano


Code : SNN-013

Nonino Grappa Friulano - one of Grappa related to the traditional series producer Nonino. It is made from fresh grape marc traditional white varieties of the north Italian region of Friuli, namely, Traminer, Verdutstso, Malvasia and others. After fermentation carried out in a vacuum at a controlled temperature is slow distillation in a branded containers Nonino. Volumes of production of grappa are limited and heavily dependent on the crop. Extract is produced from six months to a year in stainless steel vats. Before attempting Friuliana grappa Nonino is recommended to leave it for a few minutes in the glass: when in contact with oxygen becomes intense aroma of grappa. For such a grappa recommend crystal glasses in the form of the pop-tulip.

Product detail


Nonino Grappa Friulano - crystal clear beverage.


Grappa has a traditional taste of bread crust with pepper flavor.


We grappa classic elegant aroma with hints of licorice.


Grappa Nonino Friulano - a drink for any time of the day, it is perfect as a digestif. Worth a try with coffee or chocolate, as well as sharp pumpkin pie.

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