Roasted Hazelnut Syrup 700 ML.


Code : MS-034

The perfect combination of nutty, sweet, buttery, smoky, toasty, woody and rich: hazelnuts are packed with flavour. The silky textures and distinct roasted aromas of these notable nuts come to life in MONIN Roasted Hazelnut syrup, which pairs best with both dark and milk chocolates.

Product detail

Perfectly Roasted Reasons to Love

MONIN Roasted Hazelnut syrup helps you create amazing hot and iced coffees, cocktails, salad dressings and desserts.


Gold with amber glints

Tasting Notes

Nose: Strong roasted hazelnut nose
Attack: Well balanced with strong aroma
Length in Mouth: Rounded praline after taste

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

Imagine a delicate frothy milk and a scrumptious Italian espresso with a hint of a perfectly roasted hazelnut flavour in a classic Latté or a chilled old fashioned signature martini set up in a mixing glass.