Nonino La Malvasia


Code : SNN-008

Materia Prima Selection of Malvasia grapes, harvested fresh, perfectly ripe to keep intact the fragrances and flavors of the vine variety of origin. le Sensazioni Fresh, crystalline, slightly aromatic. It reminds apricot and pear. It should be served at about 12° in an iced open tulip shaped glass. Before tasting, ÙE® l’Acquavite d’Uva should rest in the glass for some minutes: taking oxygen the fragrances are exalted and the nose-palate harmony is completed.

Product detail

MATERIA PRIMA: Malvasia grapes
DISTILLAZIONE ARTIGIANALE: Discontinuous with head and tail cutting, in copper steam stills.
GRADAZIONE: 38% vol.
DEGUSTAZIONE: It should be served at about 12°C in an icy open tulip shaped glass.
GUSTO: Fresh, crystalline, slightly aromatic.