Lychee Fruit Puree 1 L.


Code : MS-098

Widely used across Asia, the lychee is sweet but shy with mild floral overtones and a tiny hint of citrus that adds to its endearingly special taste. Add Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee for an Asian twist on lemonade and sodas, or try your hand at a famous Lychee Martini.

Product detail

Smooth Floral Aroma

Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee imparts genuine lychee flavours to lemonades, sodas, cocktails, teas, flavoured milks and smoothies.


Bright light gold.

Tasting notes

Nose: Floral and fruity smell
Attack: Genuine slightly tart lychee taste

Length in Mouth: Subtle citrus note

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

An all-time modern-classic cocktail that reaches its peak with Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee is the Lychee Martini but I enjoy my Old Fashioned and Negroni twisted with a touch of this amazing flavour too!