Stolichnaya Night Edition 0.7 L


Code : SST-026

Stolichnaya Elit is a super luxury, superior quality, elegant and modern vodka. It is made with 100% Russian grain of own plantations, is mixed with water artesian well and is kept at 15 °c before passing through a special plant filter where it is ultra-frozen (-18 °) eliminating all impurity. From here it is passed through a carbon filter and finally the liquid is pumped into a regular retention tank to gradually recover its ambient temperature without damaging its molecular system. Stolichnaya Elit presents a clear color. Extremely neutral on the nose with weak notes of bread. Flexible and satiny with a very long and arid medium body, dried citrus, meringue, anise, talc and an accentuated end of powdered sugar. Surprisingly clean, smooth, vivid and elegant.

Product detail

Colour: Crystal clear

Nose: Dry, clean aromas. Slightly grainy. Hints of woody notes.

Palate: Hints of charcoal meld with an oily, creamy palate. Very supple and refined. Long, becomes slightly sweet aftertaste.