Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream 0.2L


Code : SMC-010

TEQUILA ROSE Naughty never tasted so nice. Tequila Rose is a tequila-based strawberry cream liqueur. It tastes so good that it is best enjoyed straight, but it mixes well with other McCormick spirits to create unique specialty cocktails like the Chocolate Covered Strawberry and the Bombshell.

Product detail

Colour: Milky pink

Nose: The aroma of strawberry candy is pervasive from the moment the bottle is open, with a moderate vanilla character once you stick your nose down into it.

Palate: The tequila is very subtle and really only gives a spirit flavor to the liqueur. The strawberry and cream flavors are predominate and this tastes more like a strawberry milkshake than a tequila based liqueur.