Still Mineral Water Glass Bottle 0.5L


Code : WTSB-005

The new jewel in San Benedetto’s crown is characterised by the sophisticated, floral themed graphics on the label which give the bottle an elegant identity. The line was created to give a sense of style and make service feel exclusive, it is ideal for special occasions and available in four sizes (25cl, 50cl, 75cl and 1l). The “Rose Edition” reflects the quality and excellence of San Benedetto Prestige: fresh and pure, light and refined, created for restaurants that want to bring a touch of class to the table and customers who appreciate Italian elegance, style and taste.
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Product detail

Every drop arrives from a long underground journey, unchanged for
thousands of years. It starts in the glacial snows of the enchanting Dolomite
mountains and slowly flows through the Venetian Alp sand, naturally filters
to the plain, taking up mineral salts on its way.
• p.H. 7.5
• Low sodium