Pandan Syrup 700 ML.


Code : MS-118

Famously popular across Southeast Asia, Pandan expresses a unique grassy flavour that is sweet and akin to the nuttiness from a coconut. Add an Asian twist by stirring some MONIN Pandan syrup into cocktails and mocktails, or round out the flavours of a latte with something exotic.

Product detail

Green Grassy Goodness

MONIN Pandan syrup gives sweet grassy flavours to teas, cocktails, mocktails and lattes.


Deep grass green

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich vegetal nose
Attack: Sweet green cooked pandan
Length in Mouth: Hints of coconut

Beverage Innovation Director's Tip
MONIN Pandan syrup is best served in milk tea beverages mixed with coconut milk. You can try using earl grey tea for a modern twist! This is also an inspiring flavour that allowed me to create my new favourite drink, a Pandan Yogurt Frappé!