Ceylon Tea Syrup 700 ML.


Code : MS-120

Famously full-bodied and bold, Ceylon tea is smooth with citrus, spice, and chocolate undertones. Expect notes of freshly infused tea and a distinct bitter tannin aftertaste from MONIN Ceylon tea concentrate, which perfectly helps to cut through a mild milk tea and flavoured iced tea.

Product detail

Bold And Beautiful

MONIN Ceylon tea concentrate adds a tannic punch to flavoured iced teas, milk teas, cocktails and mocktails.


Dark brown infused tea colour

Tasting notes

Nose: Fragrant tea leaf aroma
Attack: Freshly infused Ceylon tea
Length in mouth: Bitter tannin after taste

Beverage Innovation Director's Tip
MONIN Ceylon Tea concentrate goes really well with fruity flavours and is best served shaken. But my personal favourite is adding a hint of nutty notes with milk into this fine tea flavoured syrup!