Ginban ROKUJUYOSHU Yamadanishiki Junmai Ginjo


Code : SJP-025

The name ""Rokujuyoshu" of the name of a sake means the whole country in Japan because it was made up of over 60 countries long ago in Japan and is named after the thought that everyone in Japan wants to drink It was. This product is the popular item of this collection which won the brilliant gold prize in the net rice wine division of the 2012 sake rice club of the US sake held by JOY OF SAKE in the 7th place in the net rice ginjyo sake department of Sake Competiton 2015."

Product detail

Ingredients: Rice, Rice koji

Rice polishing rate: 50%
(how much remains)    
Alc. % :16%     
SMV: -1.1

Acidity : 1.7